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Xeenlord's Homepage
Hello all who come to this grand and relatively new (and heavily updated) constantly I might add) addition to the world-wide-web. Although This page's intentions were not originally to promote Final Fantasy, I ended up deciding to make this a haven for the best two Games (soon to be four when I include V and VI from the Final Fantasy Anthology which is planned for release in November) ever to be release for the Sony Playstation, and as far as I'm concerned, any system in the history of videogames.

Here is a link to the Broken Bishops picture!

This merely means that I will soon (VERY VERY SOON) make this page into your ULTIMATE Final Fantasy 7 and 8 resource. This page will have FAQ's, Walkthroughs, Pictures, Music, and as part of that music my soon to be uploaded collection of every MP3 from Final Fantasy VII and VIII. You will also see a collection of Fan Fiction here as well. It will also have strategies for all of the miniquests (or sub-quests, whatever you want to call them) from both of the games. If you have anything you'd like to see here email me. The address is at the bottom of the page. Also if you have anything written or drawn or synthesized (midis) by yourselves then email them to me and I will put them up. if you see any problems email me about them.

And now for your viewing pleasure, our neighborly black chocobo "Echo" will guide you through the rest of my homepage (him and those wonderful little frames on the left of your screen.) Click on one and echo will be glad to carry you to your location of choice. Of and feel free to play with the toys that Echo left lying on the floor of his stable!

Also i would like to wish Great Luck to the Solon Comets Highschool football team. I also want to wish good luck to my brother Drew and his friend Doug and all the others on the 7th grade football team.


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